Task 58
Task 58
SHC Task 58

Material & Components for Thermal Energy Storage

Expected Results / Deliverables

The deliverables, allocated to the seven Subtasks, will be:

  • D1P1: List of novel developed PCMs as well as blends and mixtures
  • D1P2: Extended list of material properties for the characterization of novel PCM
  • D1P3: Measured material data for the maintenance and expansion of the PCM Database


  • D1T1: List of novel developed chemical reactions and composite materials
  • D1T2: Extended list of material properties, including their definition and  description, for the characterization of novel TCM
  • D1T3: Measured material data for the maintenance and expansion of the TCM Database


  • D2P1: Agreement on measuring procedures for thermal conductivity, viscosity and density
  • D2P2: Guidelines for test procedures to evaluate thermophysical properties of novel storage materials
  • D2P3: Survey of upscaling effects and development of guidelines for test procedures to determine these effects


  • D2T1: List and description of available and needed TCM characterization procedures for the identified material and reaction properties
  • D2T2: Result of a round robin test of a TCM candidate (e.g. Zeolite 13X)
  • D2T3: Description of a harmonized measurement procedure for the TCM performance under realistic application conditions


  • D3P1: Inventory of concepts to improve component performance
  • D3P2: Definition of the targeted performance characteristic for PCM components
  • D3P3: Evaluation of the existing PCM components based on the defined characteristic and classification of concepts according the defined performance characteristic


  • D3T1: Basic Description of investigated thermochemical storage processes and their impact on the component design
  • D3T2: Inventory of actual component designs currently under investigation (template / questionnaire)
  • D3T3: Identification of performance degradation from Lab-scale measurements to pilot installations


  • D41: List of energy relevant application currently under investigation.
  • D21: List of relevant operation conditions in order to describe the application sufficiently
  • D43: List of parameter sets of operation conditions derived from the list of applications